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Vector Health & Safety is a Raleigh, NC based company specializing in emergency medical response training.  Our experienced "real-world" instructors bring decades of pre-hospital field knowledge as well as years of Emergency Room nursing experience.  The quality of instruction in our CPR, First Aid and other courses rivals anything found on the East Coast.  We are proud to base our teaching activities, as well as implement the same life saving skills, in Wake County.  Wake currently boasts the highest percentage of cardiac arrest survivability in the United States*.  Our greatest hope is that you would partner with us to continue making this region as safe and responsive as these exciting recent statistics demonstrate through our community and corporate education programs. 


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Please continue to browse our website.  Inside you will find detailed information on our instructors and courses.  Since we specialize in group courses, we cannot provide a guaranteed price schedule.  Prices you see within are estimates.  Please contact us for a price quote and discount opportunities for your group!


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