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Vector Health & Safety is committed to provide the best emergency care training available.  Our specialty is in teaching group courses on site at your facility on your schedule. 

Do you require staff to maintain a current CPR or BLS card?  We can work with you on options involving home study and internet based learning to limit work-time instruction and loss of employee efficiency.  Your staff can learn the cognitive material on their own time at their leisure, bring us their completed certificate and simply perform the skills in person during a designated period at your facility.  This option is ideal for those who perform CPR in their job or works in the medical field.  Lifeguards, although typically required to have BLS for Healthcare Providers, are recommended to take the full course, unless they have a current medical credential (such as EMT, RN, Etc)

Does your company or civic organization typically have groups of persons, employees or customers within your walls at any given time?  Each of the four keys to survival in sudden cardiac arrest involve skills taught by our company!  Early effective CPR and appropriate AED usage is critical.  In as little as three hours, someone with no previous experience can learn to accomplish these life saving skills.


Our Staff                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Gadgets are only as good as those who operate them.  We believe that our people are our greatest asset.  Each member of our dedicated team believes in the mission of our company.  When you take a Vector Health course, not only do you receive the skills and knowledge to save or protect a life, but the enthusiasm and spirit that comes from each or our highly qualified instructors.

The drive and vision for the company comes from an executive team of Paramedics, Nurses and Business Leaders in the Wake County area.  Meeting on a regular basis, the policies and practices are cemented and disseminated to our instructors by the company's CEO, Andrew T. Baird.  Andrew, a Raleigh, NC native and North Carolina State University alum, formed VHS in 2007 with the intent of furthering the training and involvement of the community, its corporate citizens and their employees in the life saving practices of CPR, AED usage and First Aid application.  Since that time, Larry P. West, RN has joined the management team as a senior instructor bringing nearly 20 years of clinical, field and teaching experience.


Local Heroes - Using the skills we teach

Take a moment to read some local stories of how your neighbors became community heroes by putting into practice the skills and knowledge gained from an accredited CPR course.  Keep in mind, these are everyday citizens called into action by the immediate needs of the situation.  This could be you, one day, in your workplace, at home or on the street.  These community heroes knew just what to do!  Will your coworkers? Will your employees?

     4/20/08 -- http://www.wral.com/sports/blogpost/2806255/  Read one local journalist's response to the Cardinal Gibbons cardiac arrest of a 17 year old Lacrosse player

     4/29/08 -- http://www.wral.com/sports/prepsports/story/2765776/ Read the inspiring success story of how a properly trained staff in CPR and AED usage saved a student's life after collapsing on the Lacrosse field

     5/25/08 -- http://www.wral.com/news/news_briefs/story/2938173/  Another teen saved by the quick actions of trained bystanders trained in CPR after a near drowning in a private pool

     1/28/08 -- http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/2362712/  A State Highway Patrolman, trained in CPR and AED use, is credited with saving the life of a local woman after a crash


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