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Andrew T. Baird
Andrew Baird started Vector Health & Safety in 2007 as a response to a growing need in the community for quality training in CPR, First Aid and emergency preparedness courses.  Since its inception, VHS has grown to serve even broader markets, but Mr. Baird's passion has always been providing the community the tools and knowledge to respond timely and appropriately to an emergency situation. 

Mr. Baird is a graduate of North Carolina State University's College of Management and remains an active alumni and supporter of the Entrepreneurship program.  While at NC State Andrew worked as a Wake County EMT-I and developed training procedures for new volunteer applicants.  Mr. Baird remains an active advanced life support provider in Wake County and currently serves on the Board of Directors for one of the Wake County EMS agencies.  He holds certificates for teaching the full range of American Heart Association BLS courses as well as Red Cross CPR & First Aid. 

In addition to remaining an active supporter of North Carolina State University, Mr. Baird maintains his multi-engine commercial pilot's license.  Ask about upcoming aviation  centered safety courses being offered in addition to the "In the air, on the land and out to sea" AED placement program spearheaded by Andrew. 

For More Information Contact:

Andrew T. Baird, CEO
2620 Crestline Ave / Raleigh, NC 27603
Tel: 919-741-8772
FAX: 919-851-1016


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