CPR Courses


CPR is a key component in the four part Cardiac Arrest "Chain of Survival".  Without early CPR and defibrillation a victim in cardiac arrest will likely not survive.  Vector Health provides several levels of CPR training.  We teach American Heart Association as well as Red Cross certification courses from the BLS for Healthcare Providers course designed for lifeguards, paramedics, nurses and physicians, to the AHA Heartsaver AED course which trains the general public the lifesaving steps of CPR and usage of the Automatic External Defibrillator.  Don't have an AED at your facility?  Let Vector Health come perform a free on site evaluation - we can recommend the best AED / First Aid equipment package for your situation!

Below you will find some basic pricing on the various levels of CPR training.  Keep in mind, we specialize in group CPR training.  Actual prices may be lower than listed.  Please contact us for  a price quote and discount options for your group!

HeartSaver AED -  CPR & AED training for the general public (includes certification card)
      Individual:        $48

      Group 25-50:  $44

      Group 50-75:  $40

      Group >75:     $35

BLS for Healthcare Providers - training for healthcare professionals (includes certification card)
       Individual:        $60

      Group 25-50:  $54

      Group 50-75:  $49

      Group >75:     $45

Red Cross Courses

     Please call for pricing on Red Cross courses, as they tend to change frequently.  In general, the above two courses are accepted everywhere Red Cross is accepted and is the industry standard for    healthcare providers.  Due to overhead costs associated with Red Cross courses, equivalent classes taught under Red Cross tend to be higher. 

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