First Aid Courses

The First Aid courses taught by Vector Health follow the accepted standards of field care.  We offer both AHA and Red Cross certifications.  These courses are intended for the general public and give the participant a general overview of skills so critically important in the first few minutes of an emergency, before EMS crews arrive on scene.  Each course is taught by an experienced medical professional with years of service in the pre-hospital emergency care setting. 

Items and skills covered in class include: basic handling of traumatic injuries including proper application of splints, initial care of respiratory, cardiac and stroke emergencies, use of an Epi-Pen in the event of life threatening allergic reaction, control and prevention of shock and many more life saving skills. 

American Heart Association - First Aid
     The American Heart Association's First Aid course is video based, experienced instructor lead and very hands on!  We strongly believe in hands on practice.  In the AHA First Aid course, Vector Health provides the students with practice supplies one would likely find in a first aid kit, but also teaches similar uses for household items. 

Does your facility include a pool?  Are there industrial chemicals close by?  Does your facility have a kitchen?  Vector Health will tailor each course with emphasis placed on your greatest risk areas. Consider on site scenarios as a fun supplement to this course to familiarize your staff or residence to responding to your emergencies at your location.

    $40.00 - This price includes the course, book and certification card.  Unfortunately due to the extensive medical supply materials necessary to complete the course, large group discounts are not currently available.

Red Cross - First Aid

Red Cross First Aid is currently offered only through an agreement with an affiliate company.  Please call for pricing on these courses. 



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